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Bridgewater e-News

Date : Wednesday, 19 January 2022


Dear Parents

Happy Diwali

We had a wonderful evening at the Diwali Parade last Saturday.  Year 3 took their peacock lanterns which looked spectacular as darkness fell.  We paraded with other groups from the community to the beat of the drums alongside giant animations representing the characters from the story of Rama and Sita.  Thank you to Mrs Douglas, the Year 3 Team and everyone who supported us.  There are pictures on Twitter and my blog  Children around the school have been making Rangoli patterns, Diya lamps,  dramatising the story of Rama and Sita, they made coconut barfi and Miss Williams ran art workshops.  The highlight for me and Miss Sheikh, who pulled the whole week together, was when all the children spontaneously started dancing to bhangra music yesterday when they were eating their curry cooked by Jason and the team.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

At the moment the drop off and pick up times are working effectively as we have only had a few isolated cases of Covid-19 in school.  Should the amount of cases start to rise we would respond accordingly following government guidelines. Please can we remind families to maintain a safe social distance when moving around the one-way system at drop off/pickup times and to not congregate on site, for everyone’s safety.  Thank you.

Hair Bands and Earrings

Please can the boys and girls save their hair bands for weekends or evenings and not wear them in school unless they are discrete and their purpose is to hold hair back and not as an elaborate adornment. 

It is school policy that earrings should not be worn in school.  If they have been recently pierced they can be covered.


Thank you to the large team who came from ‘Outspoken’ and worked with our Y5 and Y6 children to teach them bike riding skills, preparing them with a life skill.  The children have listened well and have improved each day.

Soils Workshop

Y3  had a fascinating morning learning about soils with Mr Dunkley, a parent volunteer.  I really think he has inspired them. They were fully engaged and knowledgeable and covered in soil up to their elbows! It could open the children’s ideas to a wide range of interesting career opportunities.  We really appreciate Mr Dunkley’s time and always welcome parent volunteers.


Miss Paine, Miss Vigo and Miss I. Brown are off to Bologna next week on an Erasmus trip, funded by the British Council, where they will be learning about the creative processes in the Early Years.  We hope they have a great trip and bring back lots of ideas, as staff have done previously.

It’s been great to see the reception classes outside enjoying eating marshmallows cooked on the fire pit this autumnal week.

Road Safety

Please can you gently remind your children to take care when they are either walking or cycling to and from school. We have received a couple of reports recently where children have either ran or cycled in front of or behind moving vehicles. I will be reminding the children of Road Safety in assembly next week.

Have a great weekend

Best regards

Mrs Alison Harvey


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