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Bridgewater e-News - 28 Apr 2023



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Friday, 02 June 2023


Dear Parents 

Year 4 are off to the Frontier Centre 

Next Wednesday 3rd May to Friday 5th May Year 4 are off on their adventures to the Frontier Centre, which is always a fabulous experience.   

Coronation Celebration 

Due to the Year 4 trip, we are going to have our Coronation celebration on Tuesday afternoon with a whole school assembly, some games and activities and an afternoon tea prepared by TnS on behalf of the school for the children.  The children have all been creating artwork for the Coronation Exhibition which will be taking place in the hall on Wednesday May 17th after school and first thing in the morning on the Thursday 18th May.  

One Way System 

To ease congestion the one-way system is still in use at drop off and pick up times.  Many people are not following this rule at the pickup times and we will have staff out to remind those who forget.  

Queue jumping!! 

The team from the Breakfast Club have noticed some parents walking past the OSC Breakfast Club to drop children off at their classes (essentially jumping the queue and walking through the staff car park to get to classes). This has been before we open the main gate and is unfair to other parents. We ask you to please queue at the gate and move around the one-way system. 

Sweets for Birthdays 

Just to clarify, we do not distribute sweets in school for birthdays as we have some children who have severe allergies or dietary requirements. 

Year 5 Swimming 

Year 5 were very excited yesterday as they went off to their swimming lessons at the Northampton School for Boys.  Proficiency in swimming is part of the National Curriculum and an essential life skill.  We have more children these days who are unable to swim, so if you do get the chance to take your children swimming it is great for fitness and safety as well as lots of fun.   

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend 

Alison Harvey


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