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Bridgewater e-News - 19 May 2023



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Friday, 02 June 2023


Dear Parents 

Coronation Art Exhibition 

The Coronation Art Exhibition took our breath away when it came together in the hall. The high quality of work and presentation of displays from Nursery to Year 6 was outstanding. Every child had represented King Charles in the style of their class artist. They had listened carefully to their teachers and developed their portrait skills culminating in realistic representations using a variety of techniques and materials.  As a school, with the leadership of Miss Williams, standards have improved markedly.  The support staff were incredible at putting it all together with artistic flair.  The whole community were very proud of the children’s efforts and we thank you for your lovely comments.   

We were delighted that Henry Fraser (4 Fraser’s class artist) tweeted a response to their artwork.  He said it was ‘amazing’ and this will spur us all on to strive for even higher standards and to develop our artistic flair – just like Henry who is a complete inspiration.  

Behaviour Towards Staff 

I was appalled to learn that a parent who was double parked in the drop off zone and was asked to move politely by a member of staff responded by swearing at them.  That is not the way the children are taught to behave and anyone who is identified and found to be swearing or disrespectful towards staff onsite will be banned from the school grounds. Thank you to the huge majority who are polite, respectful and appreciative of school staff. 

Cluster Schools 

It is always a pleasure to welcome our cluster schools who work with us to improve standards and share ideas.  This week Year 6 teachers from Kingsthorpe Grove, Barry Road and Delapre were collaborating with us to moderate children’s writing to ensure standards are tight against national curriculum criteria.  

Year 2 Team 

The Year 2 team have been quietly getting on with completing their ‘special quizzes’ this week and the children have shown a great attitude in completing reading and maths tasks. 

Thank You TnS 

Thank you, Heather and the TnS team for creating a magical Mad Hatters Tea Party for yesterday’s lunch.   


Thank you to our governors this week who have been very busy, attending our Maths, English and Science research team meetings.  They have also checked our policies, risk assessments and attended a fantastic Art Exhibition!  

Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Alison Harvey


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