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Bridgewater e-News - 16 Sep 2022



Bridgewater e-News

Date : Monday, 04 December 2023


Dear Parents

We have met all our delightful new intake children now, who have enjoyed exploring the unit, staying for lunch and making new friends and next week is the first week that they will all come in together.

Prospective Parent Tours

Meanwhile, I am showing around groups of prospective parents on tours of the school for next year.  If you know anyone who would like a tour, please can you let them know that there are tour dates available to book on the school website.

Maths Learning Walk

Miss Knight, Miss Holmes (Maths leaders) and SLT went on a learning walk this week to look at scaffolding learning in Maths and it was incredibly strong. 

So, what is scaffolding if not on a building site?  It means that teachers and support staff have been working hard to ensure that all children can access the learning at the optimum level of challenge; not too hard and not too easy.  A learning concept is scaffolded (built progressively) and this means that there is no set grouping which could put a cap on their learning and wouldn’t encourage them to have a go and extend themselves.  As you may know we encourage a growth mindset in school where children are not afraid of making mistakes because they know that it will strengthen their understanding.  The staff make sure the children have a variety of resources and strategies so that they could show the concept visually to build their understanding and are working hard so that gaps can’t appear, making future learning difficult. They put in place pre-learning if children need a bit of extra support or knowledge to build confidence. The children can talk confidently about their learning, explaining how they get their answers or solve a problem.  I said to my daughter that we had seen some great maths lessons (she did ask!)  and she said ‘Great maths lessons isn’t something you hear often.’  It is in Bridgewater.


Please be considerate when you park.  A local resident sent a picture of a black Range Rover which must have mounted the kerb in order to park on the grass which is unsafe and could encourage others to do the same.

Cycle Helmets

It lovely to see so many children cycling to school, however please can you check that they are wearing their cycle safety helmets.

Medical Tracker

As we have previously advised we are now using Medical Tracker to notify you of any injuries that occur in school. Please make sure that Medical Tracker is on your safe sender list and your email addresses held by school are up to date.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Alison Harvey


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