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The nursery team consists of Mrs Hollingsworth (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Bray (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Abraham (Early Years Practitioner), Mrs Colby (Early Years Teaching Assistant) and Miss Essen (Early Years Practitioner Apprentice). All members of the team work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with an emphasis on promoting the characteristics of effective learning. This approach fosters a love of learning and provides challenge linked closely to developmentally age appropriate experience.  We strive to create an environment where the children feel confident to explore and discover new things. As a Nursery, we understand that all children are unique and understand the importance of following their individual interests.

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Pasta Making

The children really enjoyed their visit to the Inspire studio where they watched our school chef make pasta. We decided to be 'Have a Go Heroes' and make our own pasta in the Nursery. Mrs Colby and the children were busy weighing and measuring the ingredients that they needed. They enjoyed watching them mix together in the food processor. Following this, they made the dough into little balls and used the rolling pin to roll it out. Their favourite part was turning the handle on the pasta making machine and watching as it turned into tagliatelle. Some of our little chefs had the special job of making the sauce to go with the pasta. It was wonderful to watch the children carefully chop the onions and observe how they changed once cooking in the pan. The smell of the sauce created an interest in the Nursery and everyone started to get hungry! Once the tomatoes were added, we decided to use some freshly cut thyme from our herb pots to add some more flavour. After all of their hard work, they got to eat their pasta with their friends. It was delicious!

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