In Early Years, we cultivate a love of learning for life. Our curriculum is planned to provide balanced and relevant experiences for each individual child. We are passionate about outdoor learning and problem solving. It is important that our children feel safe to be risk takers as they approach their learning challenges.

We are a free flow unit and so we are able to tackle our challenges in our preferred order, at the level we feel most comfortable. Our teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves once we have built confidence in the set tasks and so our learning is never done! Each week we have new 'Rainbow Challenges,' with activities which support our physical development, phonics, writing and mathematical skills. Our progress and work is recorded in a number of ways such as writing books, Our Learning Journeys scrap book and 'Tapestry', so our grown ups can keep updated on what we have been learning.

Early Years is extremely busy and fantastic fun. Keep up to date with us by following our blog.

The Early Years team is

  • R Kelly – Mrs Wise and Mrs Gilkes/ Mrs Zafar
  • R Hepworth – Mrs Spina and Miss Manns
  • R Klee – Miss Williams and Mrs Kensett.

Our P.E day is Friday morning. May we remind you to ensure that all your child’s kit is clearly labelled.

Our library visit day is Thursday morning.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Our Classroom Gardens.

Beautiful flowers have burst into bloom in our classrooms this week.

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The Early Years children really embraced their homework challenge over the holiday and a created a wonderful variety of flowers and plants.

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Each one is unique and it’s clear that a lot of care has been taken with their work.

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The children have used a wide range of materials and joining techniques to create their flowers.

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The children have been very considerate and taken care not to squash or trample the flowers in our Gardens.

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What a lovely welcome to a new term!

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