How do you sum up Bridgewater?

Our ethos is one of inclusion where every member of the community is valued and can be successful.

Nurture is at the heart of our school where support is in place, deployed sensitively, to enable everyone to feel safe, enabling them to learn.

Our curriculum is vibrant and well researched. It is thematic and aims to engage all our learners; each year we have themed weeks that inspire us to new heights across the school. We aim to teach greater breadth and depth to enrich learning and lay strong foundations for the development of future concepts. You will find that our curriculum and ethos is reflected in our bright engaging environment.

Developing a growth mindset is key to the children’s resilience and ability to understand where they are in their learning and what their next steps are.

The word ‘challenge’ is integral to our approach and attitude. This sits well alongside our positivity and ability to empathise with others.

We differentiate through challenge which ensures no child’s learning is capped, and the result is quite the opposite as it opens them up to new opportunities. We aim for profound learning.

Our community feel has strengthened as we have grown in numbers. Teams are built within teams and across the school. Our children look forward to twinning with a different year group class. They learn together and support each other. It is lovely to see older and younger children engaged together throughout the school, whether this be through sharing books and developing reading skills together, supporting each other on the playground or cheering encouragement for each other on sports days.

Our strong partnership with parents is key to the children’s wellbeing and success in school. We strive to work closely with parents at all times and have an active Friends Association.



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