Stick Man, Stick Man, beware of the...

Published: Friday, 11 December 2020 13:35
Written by Nursery Class


This week has been lovely, we have been getting ready for Christmas. The children have loved the decorations and have continued to have great fun decorating our trees. 

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They have enjoyed listening to 'Stick man' each day and were in absolute hysterics while watching it. We spoke lots about the Character and explored how he was feeling as he travelled through each setting. The children's response was great with them saying 'he should have just stayed at home'.

They have also had great fun making their own stick men this week, which you may see looking out of our nursery windows. 


Rain or shine the children have been out and crawling through tunnels, balancing on planks and jumping over hurdles. They are really enjoying the obstacle courses and are having so much fun setting up different ones each day.

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We have continued exploring shapes in our environment and have used the sticks to create our own shapes. We looked at how many sticks we needed to make the shapes and then counted the corners and sides. We had fun trying to use the sticks to make a circle.