Science Week

Ahoy There! We had a super exciting science week in Reception. The children had a special visit from Pirate Pete where he asked them to help him find the best biscuits for dunking in water for his breakfast. 

The children developed their scientific enquiry skills. They made predictions about which biscuit they thought would be the best for dunking and used their observation skills to give a reason, tested 3 different types of biscuits, recorded their results using a tally on a data table and made a final conclusion. We conducted the experiment as a fair test, making sure we dunked each biscuit for 5 seconds and then held it up for 5 seconds. 

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Whilst in the STEM room the children also got to do lots of independent investigations and explore different scientific topics like the body, magnets and rocks. They used information books, and made observational sketches. 
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We also had lots of fun engaging in a wide variety of outdoor learning activities in our lovely grass area including: den building, nature scavenger hunts, forest school storytelling, planting and caring for the plants, nature walks and many more. 



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