Science Week

The children had a super time during Science week!

We started the week with a Zoom session with Dr Cyril Dominguez who is a professor at the university of Leicester. He talked to the children about the fascinating microscopic world. We enjoyed zooming in and seeing how small things in the universe can be, right down to an atom! We also enjoyed the quiz and tried to guess what the zoomed in object was. The insects were a particular hit! 
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Next the children conducted a 'raising raisins' experiment and investigated what happenes when raisins are dropped into sparkling water and mineral water. The children made predictions about what they thought would happen, were delighted to watch the raisins Bob up and down in the sparkling water and then discussed their theories on why this happens.

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Then the children worked in teams to build a catapult out of rubber bands and lollipop sticks. This was tricky on their fingers and so they needed to work collaboratively. When they were constructed they experimented with paper balls of different sizes and pom-poms to see how far they could make them fly. 
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The children also enjoyed 'Farmer Time' with Grania. A farmer who lives near Cornwall and breeds cattle and sheep. She took us on a tour around her farm and talked to the children about the animals and what her life is like there. We will continue to meet with Grania over the summer term as she shares more about her farm and also the special events which happen there. She set us a challenge to decide on a name for one of the new calves... what do you think we should choose?

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We ended the week on the whole school biscuit dunking challenge! The children have been eyeing up the many packets of biscuits sitting ready in the classrooms and wondering what we are planning to do with them! Our challenge was to first study the size, shape and texture of the biscuits and make a prediction about which type of biscuit made the best dunker! Much to everyone's surprise, the Rich Tea won! The children enjoyed making predictions, carrying out the experiment fairly and then discussing their conclusions. This is definitely an experiment we would like to return to because the children thought of so many ways in which we could vary the experiment such as changing the biscuits, changing the temperature of the water and even changing the liquid we dunk them in. Why don't you try some out at home?

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We thoroughly enjoyed Science week and thank Mrs Hallet, our Science lead, for her inspiring opening assembly and for setting us the biscuit challenge. It was definitely the highlight of our Science week.


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