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A Story in a Pickle Jar

Miss Valentine shared a lovely book with us all for World Book Day called, 'A Story in a Pickle Jar', by Martin Stanev which inspired us all to make our own stories in a pickle jar.  Children enjoyed making them at home with their families and brought them in to school with their books to share with us. We twinned classes and shared our story jars with our friends from another year group and read them together.  Mrs McNair, Miss Valentine and all the staff put together a magnificent exhibition for all our families who enjoyed seeing them all together - it was quite a spectacle and now they are displayed around the school. The governors also spent a lot of time looking at the jars, talking to the children and enjoying the exhibition.

it was the most inspiring reading event and World Book Day that I've known.  I hope you all carry on creating stories and continue to be avid readers.

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Lovely to see so many happy faces
My son and his friend came home very excited after this lesson. Usually I don’t get much out of him ...
Fabulous parade & well done Bridgewater on your lanterns x
Grace’s favourite place in the whole school!
This looks like an amazing experience! Well done Year 6 and all the staff!