In Early Years, we cultivate a love of learning for life. Our curriculum is planned to provide balanced and relevant experiences for each individual child. We are passionate about outdoor learning and problem solving. It is important that our children feel safe to be risk takers as they approach their learning challenges.

We are a free flow unit and so we are able to tackle our challenges in our preferred order, at the level we feel most comfortable. Our teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves once we have built confidence in the set tasks and so our learning is never done! Each week we have new 'Rainbow Challenges,' with activities which support our physical development, phonics, writing and mathematical skills. Our progress and work is recorded in a number of ways such as writing books, Our Learning Journeys scrap book and 'Tapestry', so our grown ups can keep updated on what we have been learning.

Early Years is extremely busy and fantastic fun. Keep up to date with us by following our blog.

The Early Years team is

  • R Van Gogh – Miss Paine and Mrs Beirne
  • R Hepworth – Mrs Wise and Miss Gill
  • R Kandinsky – Miss Baxter and Mrs Champelovier

We are lucky to be supported by our HLTA, Mrs Burrows.

Our P.E day is Friday morning. May we remind you to ensure that all your child’s kit is clearly labelled.

Our library visit day is Thursday morning.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!


The children were so excited by the arrival of our caterpillars last month. They used the magifying glasses to look at them closely and used non-fiction books to learn new facts and information about caterpillars. They have closely observed them getting bigger and bigger as they ate more and more each day. The children were amazed to see them make their own chrysalis and found it fascinating when they would twitch and turn in their cocoons. 

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The children couldn't have been more excited when the butterflies emerged from their chrysalides. They again observed the butterflies closely and commented on the colours and patterns of their wings. We researched the type of butterflies we had and learnt that they were called 'red admiral' butterflies. As the weather was wet, the children collected flowers and fruit which we dropped sugar water onto for the butterflies to feed on while we waited for a dry day to release them. 

The sun came out and we eagerly grabbed our opportunity to free our beautiful butterflies! The children were very understanding that whilst it had been lovely having the butterflies in the class, it was time to set them go to live a happy, free life in amongst the nature where they would be able to get everything they needed to survive. 

Hepworth's butterfly release...

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Kandinsky's butterfly release...

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Van Gogh's butterfly release...

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Some of the butterflies even stuck around and the children were very happy to see them enjoying our lovely nature spots at school. 

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