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In Reception, we cultivate a love of learning for life. Our curriculum is planned to provide balanced and relevant experiences for each individual child. We are passionate about outdoor learning and problem solving. It is important that our children feel safe to be risk takers as they approach their learning during the day.

Our teachers encourage us to challenge ourselves once we have built confidence in newly taught skills. We are then encouraged to use these skills in our free play to extend and consolidate our learning.

Each week we have new 'Rainbow Challenges,' with activities we need to complete independently. They support our physical development, phonics, writing and mathematical development. Our progress and work is recorded in a number of ways such as in our writing books, ‘Our Learning Journey’ scrap book and ‘Seesaw’.

Early Years is extremely busy and fantastic fun. Keep up to date with us by following our blog.

The Reception team is

  • R Hepworth – Mrs Wise and Mrs Summers
  • R Van Gogh – Miss Valentine and Mrs Quinn
  • R Kandinsky – Mrs Coleman and Miss Geneta

We are lucky to be supported by our HLTA, Miss Gill.

Our P.E day is Friday morning. May we remind you to ensure that all your child’s kit is clearly labelled.

Please make sure that you bring your library book to school each Friday to be changed.


Hatching eggs!

The children in Reception have been very excited by the arrival of the eggs! Lots of predictions were made about what might hatch from the eggs. The children learnt about all the different types of animals that lay eggs and this led to some exiting predictions like

"I predict an alligator is going to hatch for the eggs."  

"I think a turtle is going to come out from the eggs."  

"I think it's going to be a dinosaur."  

The eggs hatched out at the weekend and the children were sent a video of the first egg hatching out. It turns out the eggs were..... duck eggs! 6 healthy happy ducklings hatched at the weekend. The children were so excited to come in and meet them all on Monday morning. 

The children have been watching them grow, learn to drink, eat and build up their strength over the week. 

The highlight for everyone in Reception (adult included) was watching the ducklings have their first swimming experience! 

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