Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

This year, in Year 4 the class teachers are Mrs Holding (4 Wiltshire), Mrs Watson (4 Milhazes) and Mrs Reece and Mrs H Douglas (4 Fraser).  Miss O'Neill, Mrs Cressey, Mrs Parker, Miss Curtis and Miss Peal, who are our teaching assistants, will be working alongside. 

We are looking forward to the year ahead with a very exciting curriculum and some fantastic trips planned! We are loving Ancient Egypt already and are looking forward to using this platform to share our learning with you.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

Exciting earthworms

As part of science week, we were exploring 'Our diverse planet' we began to explore other animals that live in our school environment. We carefully investigated and classified a variety of earthworms that are living in our school grounds. We discovered over 9 different species, some over 14cm long!

Sports relief

As part of Sports relief, we have been thinking about all the ways that we can stay healthy and active. We took part in a rugby tournament, all the children showed great enthusiasm and worked well as a team. It was very close but 4 Picasso were victorious!

Air pollution

We have been thinking about our impact on the planet and discussing how we can reduce air pollution. We carried out an experiment, placing samples around different areas of the school to analyse how much pollution is in our air. We were shocked by some of the results!

Science Week Day Three: Walk in Wednesday

We have had an exciting time this morning seeing how many drops of water we could fit on a penny! We observed how the water balloons up on top of the coin! Some of us were very gentle and got 100 drops to fit!  596E78D7 F4CB 4E93 A604 6E3A47130039EFDD7EA7 5BF5 49BA 900F D53E78690573626A41B2 4FC0 4006 96C8 5CFB826CC661

Year 4 Curriculum

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I loved science week it was really intresting.
I enjoyed learning out Abington park
I have enjoyed making canopic jars ?
I have enjoyed science week so far ?
Felicity enjoyed doing the experiment and is excited to find out what other experiments they’ll be...

Helping at Home

As always at home we encourage regular reading and spellings and times tables practise. Home Learning is given out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday. Spellings are given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 

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Here are some links to useful websites:  - Times Tables Rockstars – A selection of Maths and English games - A fantastic resource for our theme

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