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In science this term, the children in year 4 have been learning about and classifying animals. This week, the children were learning about invertebrates and considering the different habitats in which they live. They explored our swale habitat at school, searching for some of the invertebrates that live there. They were excited to find and identify different creatures including pond snails and waterlouse.



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This looks like an amazing experience. Just amazing! Well done to all involved ?
We had such a wonderful time!
I loved science week it was really intresting.
I enjoyed learning out Abington park
I have enjoyed making canopic jars ?

Helping at Home

As always at home we encourage regular reading and spellings and times tables practise. Home Learning is given out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday. Spellings are also given out on a Thursday and tested the following Friday.

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Here are some links to useful websites:  - Times Tables Rockstars – A selection of Maths and English games - A fantastic resource for our theme