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The Very Busy Spider


What an incredibly busy week it has been, the children have had a lovely time exploring Autumn and doing activities around our story of the week. ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle is the story we have been focusing on. The children have been using their fine motor skills to make a spider's web. The first step was to use the hand held hole punch to create several holes around the edge of a paper plate. After this, the children had to thread some string back and forth through the holes to create their very own spider’s web. As the children got to know the story, together we created a story map so the children could retell the story independently. This also gave them an opportunity to create their own story maps as well.

Alongside this, we have been discussing Autumn and how things are changing. Later on in the week, we went on an Autumn walk and tried to find different coloured leaves, sticks, pinecones and conkers. In the middle of the walk, the children listened for environmental sounds and identified that they could hear the leaves blowing in the wind. We couldn’t go on a walk without taking the opportunity to do some rolly pollies down the hill, as you can imagine the children had lots of fun doing this!

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Amazing! Well done for being super scientists nursery! Mrs White?
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