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What affects our reaction times?

In science this week, we have been testing our reaction times.

We worked in pairs with one of us holding a ruler at the top while the other person held their thumb and index finger apart between the 0 mark on the ruler. The ruler was then dropped, and they had to catch it.  The number they caught it at was recorded in a table or results.

We generated our own questions to make comparisons between our reaction times. Some of us tested whether our dominant or non-dominant hand was better, some looked at whether having a distraction affected our reaction times or whether practise improved them.

We tested it several times to ensure our data was more accurate and applied our maths learning by calculating the mean average. 


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Such an interesting discovery Year 6. I will never look at a buttercup the same again! It's so excit...
Have a great time everyone!
Freddie S really enjoyed helping the younger children with the assault course.
We like your wire sculptures.It looks very fascinating!
Well done on your little model

Helping at Home

In Year 6, the children are set two pieces of home learning each week which should be completed in their homework books.  It will be set on a Thursday and is due in the following Tuesday. In addition to this, please continue to support your child with their reading by regularly reading to them, listening to them read and asking them questions about their reading. Please ensure they log it on Boom reader.

Our Year 6 PE lessons are on a Wednesday and Friday so please ensure your child wears their PE kit in school on this day.