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Year 1 Jubilee Art

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, each year group represented a different decade to celebrate the Queen's reign.

Year 1 were inspired by the Swinging 60's and a touch of Andy Warhol! Each class chose a photograph of the Queen taken in the 1960's.

   Picture1.png  Picture2  Picture3

First we made colourful backgrounds by making a textured printing block out of bubble wrap, wall paper, foil, string, corrugated cardboard,expandable packaging, ridged rolls and hessian.

These were used to print a colourful Warhol-like background for their portraits.

Next the children traced the photographs of the Queen. Each one focused on a different image of the Queen; as a mother, as a fashion icon and as a traditional queen.

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These were then reversed and retraced onto a foam board to create a portrait printing block. The children double checked the lines to ensure the ridges were deep enough to give a good print.

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Finally, they children used black acrylic paint to print the portraits on top of their colourful textured backgrounds.

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We are so proud of their results and how they persevered with the process.

Thank you for coming to the exhibition and celebrating their hard work!B4BB8574 4328 4DF5 80FB 76AD51B580C4


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Helping at Home

 Uniform and PE Kits

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for school and that all parts fit and are clearly labelled. Current PE days are Tuesday’s and Friday’s, however children should have their indoor and warm outdoor PE kit in school at all times.

 Home Learning and Reading

In year 1, children are asked to be read with at least three times a week. Ideally this would be their reading book but we encourage other books to be read too. Please ensure your child reads their books more than once to help with fluency. Books are changed once a week by the teacher, however there is a book changing box within the classroom, where books can be changed more frequently. In addition to this, they will also have challenge words to read and once they reach set 5, they will start to be sent home spellings. They will be tested on their spellings once a week. Challenge words will be checked fortnightly.

Current Library Sessions (subject to change):

 -       1 Goldsworthy: Wednesday pm

-       1 Kandinsky: Thursday pm

-       1 Miro: Friday pm

For homework this year, we would like to begin our ‘Wizard Challenge Books’. These will be sent out on a Thursday and should be handed in the following Tuesday. This will enable you to ask any questions or queries you may have on the Friday before the weekend.  We will set one piece of work based on learning that has taken place that week in either maths, English or theme.  This should be able to be completed by the child independently but may require a little support from you.

 Important Dates

 ·       Trip to the Church: Wednesday 31 October.

 ·       Christingle Production: Thursday 29 November 2pm

 ·       1 Kandinsky’s Class Assembly: Friday 8 February

 ·       1 Miro’s Class Assembly: Friday 10 May.

 ·       1 Goldsworthy’s Class Assembly: Friday 14 June.

 Could you help?

 e are always really grateful for any parent helpers that could offer some time to help us in class. Please also let a member of the Year 1 team know if you are able to help us with our themed learning in any way.