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Book Talk- Here Comes Jack Frost

IMG 7870

This week our Book Talk focus 'Here Comes Jack Frost' by Kazuno Kohara was perfectly suited to the chilly, frosty weather outside. The children shared the story and spent sometime thinking about what they would like to do in the frosty weather. Whilst some were eager to get outside and explore, others decided that they would prefer to stay inside and curl up with a good book!

Wrapped up warm in coats, hats, scaves and gloves the children were fascinated to observe the changes that had happened to our outdoor learning environment after a visit from 'Jack Frost.' They were fascinated to see that the water in the wheelbarrow had frozen solid and amazed to see that the frost stuck to their gloves. 

IMG 7862

Some children became scientists thinking how they could crack or melt the ice and looked carefully at the patterns that the frost created on different surfaces, with one child describing the ice as "looking like crystals!"

IMG 7863

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What a super experience! I'm sure that there are some budding officers amongst you! Mrs White :-)...
Jasmine enjoyed doing the assembly ☺
Yummy xx looks like they had a great day
A fantastic video! Well done reception for being super sporty stars:-)??
Wow what fantastic creations! Well done everyone

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