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Special visit from the Northamptonshire Police Department

This week we had a very exciting visit from 3 very friendly officers from the Northamptonshire Police Department. 

PC Jipa, PS Ballin, and PS Whiting came to visit the children in Reception on Thursday morning. 

They talked to the children about their role in the community and the way they keep us safe. The children were particularly interested in the officers uniforms, badges and vehicles.

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After listening really nicely to the police officers and asking some great questions, the children went out to look around at the police cars that they had brought with them to show us.  8FA7C9DB 2DFF 4A05 B9F0 0FE8D92CD392

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The children were very excited to be allowed to sit inside the police cars! Even more excitement was raised when they were allowed to turn on the lights and sirens! 

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We were even lucky enough to be left with some resources to enhance our role play area so the children can take the information they learnt into their play. 

The children were told by the police that if ever they need help because they don’t feel safe to call the special numbers 999. 

The children have been given a special job to learn their home address in case they ever needed to share it with the police so they can help to keep them safe. 

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Jasmine enjoyed doing the assembly ☺
Yummy xx looks like they had a great day
A fantastic video! Well done reception for being super sporty stars:-)??
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