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Shrove Tuesday.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day!

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We read the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes and how he read a recipe, made a list of ingredients, counted his money to go shopping and finally making a delicious pile of pancakes. Unfortunately the other characters in the story weren't very helpful and so he gobbled them up too!

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The children have been busy making story maps, shopping lists and acting out making their own recipes in our classroom 'kitchen' role play areas.

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Mrs Wise and Mrs Gilkes worked tirelessly all day to make sure that all 90 children enjoyed a pancake with their favourite topping on. We even learnt how to keep a tally during our maths lesson!

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The children enjoyed their treat and worked hard to help tidy up the mess! So helpful!

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The smell of our delicious pancakes even reached the noses of our office staff who came down to investigate... yum!

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Come and see our Learning Journey board to see what else we have been doing this week!

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What a super experience! I'm sure that there are some budding officers amongst you! Mrs White :-)...
Jasmine enjoyed doing the assembly ☺
Yummy xx looks like they had a great day
A fantastic video! Well done reception for being super sporty stars:-)??
Wow what fantastic creations! Well done everyone

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