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Number Work

IMG 8417

In Maths the children have been mastering the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 They have been embedding their knowledge of the composition of numbers using concrete resources and are becoming increasingly secure in different ways of making 5. "Look, I know that 2 and 3 makes the whole of 5." In play the cildren have also been revisiting their knowledge of 1 more.

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Over the last few weeks the children have also been learning to be masters in the use of the tens frame to support their mathematical understanding, learning how to fill the tens frame '5 wise' and 'pair wise.' This has developed their understanding of odd and even numbers.

IMG 8419

Last week we shared the rather funny text 'Double Dave' by Sue Hendra which introduced the children to the concept of 'double'- the same again. They were quick to apply this concept to their number work and found doubles all around them. "4 and 4 makes the whole of 8"

It did make Miss Valentine laugh when she said "If I wanted double the ice-cream cones, how many would I have?" and a child replied "Miss you know you can't have two ice-creams, you can only have one! They are a treat!"

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