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We have been exploring Mexico around the school! We have been learning about the Mexican flag, Mexican food including discussing our recent Taco Tuesday, music and dance as well as popular games both inside and outside the classroom.  

Children in Early Years created the flag with different materials including modelling, Key Stage 1 explored Mexico before looking at the animals in the flag and making their own.  Children in Lower Key Stage 2 created patterns inspired by Aztec designs using pegs and painting bunting.  Upper Key Stage 2 children played traditional dice games.  During lunchtime, we danced some traditional dances, played a Mexican version of hopscotch and sang songs in a circle.  We are continuing our Mexican focus in Year 5, including looking at the artist Frida Kahlo and traditional Mexican songs played by Mariachi bands.  Mexican hot chocolate will also be included!  Our fantastic Language Ambassadors again helped brilliantly with the range of activities across the school!


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