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March 2024

During a whole school assembly, our wonderful, confident and articulate Language Ambassadors shared different traditions that occur in their countries of origin at Easter/Springtime.  We learnt that:

Germany –  fires are lit to burn away the darkness of Winter and to welcome in the Spring. 

Finland  - children dress as witches and knock on doors asking for sweets in exchange for twigs.

Bulgaria - eggs are painted red, the sign of the cross is made with the wet painted egg on people’s foreheads then they have a hard boiled egg fight.  The winning egg is said to bring good luck and is kept until the following year. 

England - thinking about the empty tomb in the Easter story, we love to eat 80-90 million chocolate eggs each year.

Ireland - hard boiled eggs are rolled down hills and whichever doesn't crack/cracks the least is the winning egg. Our assembly saw the Irish egg, aptly taking the winning title.

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